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Oracle Forms Usage Survey

After reading the interesting results of the 2011 Oracle Forms Survey by Gerd Volberg, we would like to see if his results are similar in other parts of the world.

Gerd gave his permission to use his questions for our own Forms Survey and we hope we will have a large number of respondents. The survey is anonymous and the results will be posted on this blog. If you leave your email address, we’ll send you an email when we’ve published.

The survey below is meant for developers and administrators currently running Forms applications in production. If you are a contractor working at a customer site, please use the customer info in the survey.

Please fill in the country and optionally your email address, then click “Next” to participate. There are only 9 questions (mostly mandatory, indicated with a red *), so you’ll be ready in a few minutes.

The Forms Survey is closed. The results and analysis of the Oracle Forms Survey are here…

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