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Whitehorses helps organizations successfully implement and use Oracle middleware solutions. With our team of specialists we support our customers in design, architecture, installation, development and project management of their service and process integration initiatives.

We strongly believe that working together, across disciplines and together with the customer is key to success of our projects. We support agile project approaches, i.e. Scrum, lean principles and DevOps. We are Specialized Oracle partner for Service Oriented Architecture. Our professionals are experts at Oracle middleware technology, enterprise Java and agile methodologies.

Key technologies and solutions include, Oracle BPM Suite, Adaptice Case Management (ACM), Oracle SOA Suite, BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), WebLogic and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Enterprise Java, SOA Suite, Oracle, WebLogic, BPM Suite, Middleware, BPEL, Oracle Service Bus, Scrum, Lean, ADF, Apex, Agile, Workflow, Business Process Automation, Architecture, SOA Governance, Adaptive Case Management, Cloud Integration

Vision ~ Knowledge ~ Results

What we can do for you:

  1. resolve bottlenecks: so you can continue;
  2. improve what you have: so you’re ready for the future;
  3. achieve quick wins: to create value and gain momentum.

The result: continuous improvement, with positive energy, fun and passion for our profession!

Our main website is in Dutch. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Please contact us directly for more information:

Whitehorses B.V.
Orteliuslaan 855
3528 BE Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)30 600 4720
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