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Through innovative use of information technology, Whitehorses helps organization improve their business, increase their agility and get more from information technology.

We are a Dutch professional services company with the best professionals, modern technology and a smart, goal-oriented approach. Our tools are the Oracle platform, Oracle tools, Enterprise Java, SOA & BPM and other innovative technologies. Our goal is to lower cost and increase business value for your organization, using lean principles and an agile approach.

With this project approach, our exceptional expertise and experience, Whitehorses realizes functionality faster and with a higher acceptance by the end user. We work with you, as a team and in small steps, using your business case as our guidance:

Vision ~ Knowledge ~ Results

What we can do for you:

  1. resolve bottlenecks: so you can continue;
  2. improve what you have: so you’re ready for the future;
  3. achieve quick wins: so your organization really distinguish itself.

The result: continuous improvement, with positive energy, fun and passion for our profession!

Our main website is in Dutch. You can read more about our services and our expertise in English on this weblog. Please contact us directly for more information:

Whitehorses B.V.
Fultonbaan 20
3439 NEĀ  Nieuwegein
The NetherlandsPhone: +31 (0)30 600 4720
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