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Use Oracle JET to monitor Weblogic queues

by Herman Brunnekreef on August 16, 2016 · 3 comments

At a customer we are working in an Oracle Fusion Middleware environment. In this environment we created queues. These queues are configured with an error queue when messages could not be delivered.

Because there are a number of error queues, monitoring is a lot of work. You have to check each queue independently. Recently I ran into this blog of Frank Munz (link). In this blogpost he talks about the framework Jolokia. This framework offers remote JMX access. More information about Jolokia can be found here.

With Jolokia you can request Weblogic MBean data and the response can be defined as JSON. So when I read this, I thought this is the solution to monitor the error queues.

What I did is the following:

First install Jolokia as an application.  From the website you can download a WAR. This can be installed as an application in Weblogic. When you have an environment with managed servers and you want to read data from these servers you must also target the WAR to the managed servers.

Then I created an Oracle JET application. In this application I made a JQuery.Ajax call to the REST service of the error queue. This is the url: http://<host>:<port/jolokia/read/com.bea:JMSServerRuntime=<JmsServerName>,Name=<JMS ModuleName>!!<JmsServerName>@<QueueName>,ServerRuntime=<serverName>,Type=JMSDestinationRuntime/MessagesCurrentCount

In the response you can read the current messages that are on the queue with the use of the variable MessagesCurrentCount. Add the value to an array and you can use the array in a chart for the JET application.

You can see the result in the next image:


In this image you can see the number of messages on all the different queues in one view, instead of monitoring each queue indepently.

With a lot of MBeans available in Weblogic and with the help of Jolokia you can show almost everything in Oracle JET of course!



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Frank September 3, 2016 at 4:20 am

Great post, do you mind sharing the code for accomplishing this, especially the Oracle Jet code?
Thank you in advance



Frank Munz January 21, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Hi Herman,

a great solution you built – and thanks a lot for the mention!
Jolokia is one of those little frameworks and tools that I mention in my WLS book: Useful things architects should know outside the Oracle ecosystem. Starting with 12.2.1 you could also consider the built-in RESTful management interface of WLS. It is mentioned here, e.g. :

But of course with Jolokia you are more platform independent. It is great to see how how Jolokia is used in many areas now!


Alekhya Erptree May 18, 2017 at 7:51 am

outstanding write-up. Appreciate you, great solution oracle fusion procurement training


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