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Oracle JET 2.0 released

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Last monday Oracle released JET version 2.0. The most important news in my opinion is that Oracle JET now is Open Source. Also Oracle JET is available on Github here [2].

There are a lot of new features added to 2.0. On this [3] site there’s an overview of the new features.

One nice feature is that you can generate a hybrid mobile application.

There are some prerequisites before you can develop a hybrid mobile application. First you must install yeoman, grunt and cordova. Yeoman is a tool to generate a template for your application. Grunt is a JavaScript task runner and Cordova is necessary for cross-platform development.

The installation of these tools can be done in the terminal:

npm –g install yo
npm –g install grunt
npm –g install cordova

After the installation of the components you can generate a mobile hybrid application. Enter in a terminal:

yo oraclejet:hybrid android_navbar  --appName="android_navbar" --template=navBar --platforms=android

img1 [4]
The application is generated. It can take a while.

Change the directory in the terminal:

cd android_navbar

Then build the application with Grunt:

grunt build --platform=android

img2 [5]

To run the application you can choose to run the application in the browser or in an Android emulator. I installed Android studio download here [6] and created a virtual device.
One remark: When you use an emulator make sure you installed in the SDK Manager Android 5.1.1 (version 22). This is required by Cordova [7].

Now you can run the application:

grunt serve --platform=android --destination=Nexus_5_API_23_x86

And in the emulator you can see the generated application:
img3 [8]

img4 [9]