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Create a 12c development server from the SOA 12c Quickstart

by Laurens van der Starre on July 1, 2014 · 3 comments

So at the time of writing there is only the “Quickstart” 12C SOA and BPM. That’s all fun and games, it installs straight out of the box.

However,  I want a real development environment, and run it on my dev server.

So, first thing first.

  1. Download the SOA Suite and BPM 12c.
  2. Then install the SOA Suite quick installer.
  3. Install BPM 12c in the same ORACLE_HOME as the SOA Suite.
  4. Make sure you have a certified database available. 11gR2 Express Edition will do (although some warnings will show up).

And now it is business as usual.

  1. Go to your <SOA_SUITE>/common/bin and run rcu.
    (On Windows, edit the, and change line 112 in such a way that $JAVA_HOME is replaced by the hardcoded path to your java.exe. Otherwise it won’t start).
  2. Create your database schemas as usual.
    Notice the kickass new features with creating the database schemas: you can now create a database install script from RCU which your DBA can run for you!
  3. After the RCU, go to <SOA_SUITE>/wlserver/bin and run config to create your domain!

So the Domain Config Creation Utility is pretty much as we already know from 11g, only more elaborate.

Create Domain

Select your components. Look, everything is there (SOA, OSB, BPM and more):

Installable components

And the database configuration of course. Note: a lot more data sources:


Create your servers, (note the new server groups), and cluster configuration (if you want). Note: for a quick installation, choose a Development domain, because a Production domain with clusters requires additional coherence configuration which I’ll will skip right now.

Continue the wizard (and note some neat new features like nodemanager configuration and front end host setup) and there you have it:  a stand alone development domain of your brand new SOA Suite 12c. A great starting point for further exploring SOA 12C!

Happy coding!

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3 comments on “Create a 12c development server from the SOA 12c Quickstart

  1. wiliam simons on said:

    can you use a 32 bit system instead of 64 bit.

    Thank you
    Bill Simons

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  2. vinodh on said:

    Hi Laurens van der Starre,

    Thanks for great article.
    I have a small doubt. My Database team changing the Database from unix box to new unix box. how can i configure SOA servers to use new location database data?
    should i change datasourse?
    should i run RCU?

    thanks in advance.

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