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Fixing the WLSExeucutionContext error in the SOA logs.

by Patrick Sinke on December 20, 2013 · 0 comments

In Oracle SOA Suite (in version through, there is an often occurring error in the logs.

<Dec 2, 2013 9:15:48 AM CET> 
<illegal program state detected: Attempted to remove a WLSExeucutionContext from the current WorkContextMap but the object in the Map was not the object to be removed.>

The problem is identified by Oracle: A Web Service is secured with an OWSM service policy. For each call to the Web Service, one instance of the following error message is logged.

There is a patch #17162941 available that fixes the error: ECID CONTEXT IS NOT PROPAGATED WITH ERROR “ILLEGAL PROGRAM STATE DETECTED”.

A warning is in place here though. As the author found out, this patch makes changes to the Security Realms in SOA. Especially when this is a more complex configuration (for instance, when using multiple authentication providers), the update may break your configuration. In our specific case, the BPM Worklistapp started behaving erratically after updating Weblogic with this patch. So be sure to thoroughly test the BPM Worklist and other apps that rely heavily on the OWSM.

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