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How to stick a sticky note

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While doing my work in a lean and agile way, I work with sticky notes quite often. When sticked to a wall or whiteboard, it is quite crucial that they do not move until I want them to. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the sticky notes fall down to the ground… What a disaster!

Although the sticky note manufacturers are also selling Extra Fantastic Super sticky notes, these are not always available and they come at premium cost. There is an easier solution! Read on for a best practice to stick a sticky note to a wall without risking that it will fall down.

I hear you thinking: “Is this guy kidding me? I know how to stick a sticky note!”. Please, try it for yourself and judge me afterwards 🙂


Grab some sticky notes!
Sticky notes [2]

The Wrong Way

Take the sticky note at the bottom and move it upwards to remove it from the pad. See the photo, the blue line indicates where the adhesive is, and the red arrow is the direction to move the sticky note.
From bottom to top [3]
Now look at that note. It is curled where the adhesive is!
Result from bottom to top [4]
Stick it somewhere on the wall and pray it doesn’t fall off before you reach the end of this blog post.
Sticked curly sticky note [5]

The Right Way

Now take another sticky note. Start at the left side of the pad and pull the note to the right. See the picture; the blue line indicates the adhesive again, and the red arrow is the direction to move the sticky note.
From left to right [6]
Look at the result again. It’s perfectly flat!
Flat, not curled [7]
Now stick it next to the curled note (if it’s still there of course). See the difference?
The difference [8]

Remember this and your sticky notes will never, EVER, come off that wall again.

Happy sticking!