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Invoking WebServices from ODI 11g: fixed at last!

by Laurens van der Starre on February 27, 2012 · 15 comments

In an Oracle Data Integrator “Package” it is possible to invoke web services using the OdiInvokeWebService activity. However, a while back I noticed that it didn’t work in ODI

The problem was that the request message wasn’t send out correctly by ODI: the XML elements were put into an empty namespace. For example, if you happen to have a web service that needs the following XML as input:

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<ns1:inputElement xmlns:ns1="">
   <query>some data</query>

ODI would sent out:

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<inputElement xmlns="">
   <query xmlns="">some data</query>

Clearly this “query”-element is causing problems now because of the empty namespace. This “feature” is now known as:


Luckily last week it was finally solved. The SR took a while (I guess they were busy with OFM ps 5 😉 ). So if you happen to run into this problem, and are using ODI, or, there is now a patch available. For ODI OUI installs, you first have to patch to using patch 10288265. Afterwards, there is the one-off interim patch 13329774. These patches can of course be downloaded from the Oracle Support website.

Happy integrating!

Invoking WebServices from ODI 11g: fixed at last!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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15 comments on “Invoking WebServices from ODI 11g: fixed at last!

  1. Hi Laurens,
    Is it possible to use the OdiInvokeWebService activity to invoke WS_Security enabled webservices? Can you provide pointers on how to achieve the same?

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    • Laurens van der Starre on said:

      Hi Eric,

      That is a very good question. Myself I haven’t encountered this requirement in projects yet. OdiInvokeWebServices does support Basic Authentication web services (so providing a username and password), but as far as I know that’s it.

      I think the solution should be sought in some kind of gateway, which proxies the web service request and takes care of the security. For example you can look into Oracle Enterprise Gateway. Or -if you have some 10g licenses lying around- the Oracle WebSerivce Manager 10g (OWSM 10g). Alternatively: check out Apache Rampart, a simple gateway solution can easily be created using this module. And that is free 😉

      Good luck!

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  2. Hi,
    we migrate from ODI from directly to
    All migration steps has success result, but when we run scenarios with WS calls, we get error. This error is the same, which you report.
    We try apply patch 13329774, but patch cannot be applied, because patch get result that this patch not needed.
    I think, that error from was transferred to new version. Have you any ideas to resolve it ? we prepare data for creation SR, but this is long way to success (with Oracle metaling “experts” ).
    Than you
    Petr S.

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    • Laurens van der Starre on said:

      Hi Petr,

      The interim patch 13329774 is a “backport”/merge for bug BUG 12702144 and BUG 12784671. These two bugs are scheduled to be solved in version So it is sadly not solved in

      There are two options now:
      1) Either request Oracle Support for a port of interim patch 13329774 for (refer to the Support Engineer that you are facing the same issue as in SR 3-4507890191).
      2) Downgrade to in the meantime to work around this problem for the time being.

      Good luck!

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      • Thank you for your info.
        I create SR, where I refer to SR 3-4507890191.
        I will be surprised, if oracle support engineers prepare interim patch. I think, that the bug reported on one version (direct previous version) has interim patch, but patch not included to new version….:o(((.
        We go to because we start new phase on DWH development, and we like to feature, where variable values will be displayed in ODI log. The next reason is fixing another bugs in ODI

        Have a nice day.

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  3. Hi Lourens,
    I have some news.
    – we create SR, and identify potential generic bug (with high probability) – SR num: 3-5582631221
    – we test migration to version, but error is same (because use new WS library same as
    – we identify error (header letter size mismatch, non standard SOAP action header, etc..)
    We looking for some simple workaround (such as proxy service).
    Have you any ideas ? (some plugin into ODI, which can call standard web service …)

    Thant you

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    • Laurens van der Starre on said:

      I can’t really get what goes wrong … Let’s keep this offline, I’ll send you a mail.

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  4. Josue Borges on said:

    Hey there,
    Can you guys see some workaround to call web services in ODI, without using the OdiInvokeWebService function?

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  5. Hi Laurens ,

    I am trying call odi scenario from bpel process. But I am very new to BPEL process. I have downloaded Jdeveloper and Axis2.war file (1.6). Then I installed Jdeveloper which is lies on the weblogic server (E:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper ). Now what i have to do ?

    Please suggest.

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  6. for a 2 days I cannot reverse engineering the excel file!

    before this file I reversed about 20 files, so this is the last one!

    error ODI-20161

    is this patch will fix my problem?


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    • Laurens van der Starre on said:

      I don’t know. Check your error (stacktrace), and see if it is similar to the error described in the bug on the support site. You can always try to apply the patch, and see if it solves the issue. It never hurts to apply this patch.

      Good luck.

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