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Installing AIA on SOA Suite 11g R1 PS3 Developer release

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In this blogpost I will help you installing the new version of Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack, which is part of the FMW 11G R1 PS3 (  release.  In a previous blogpost [2] I already explained how to do this on PS2. With the PS3 version you will see, that Oracle improved the installation compared to PS2  and combined with the developer release of SOA Suite PS3 ( the memory footprint is less ) the PS3 version is a big improvement.

Before you can start you need to have a working SOA Suite Ps3 Weblogic domain.  I choose for  the SOA Suite for developers, in this case I have one AdminServer which runs it all.


The second thing you need to check in the Weblogic console, if all the Resource Adapters are installed and running. In my case I need to target the OracleApps Adapter to the AdminServer.

Download the AIA Foundation Pack [4]. The AIA Service Constructor can be downloaded from JDeveloper, so you can skip this for now. Extract the software and start the installation.


You need to create a new AIA Oracle Home , AIAInstance name and use the JDK of your SOA Suite Middleware home.


Start the SOA Suite Adminserver and provide these Weblogic details in this screen


AIA got its own database schema, provide the details and the sys user / password.


Provide the MDS database schema details of your SOA Suite Domain


You can skip the Oracle Enterprise Repository screen


Here the installation begins, when a step fails you can retry the step , sometimes an another retry is enough and when it fails again you need to take a look at the logs.  You can find these logs in your new  AIA HOME + aia_instances + AIA Instance Name + logs.  When you can’t fix the problem then you can look at the AIA ANT files, these are in the config folder of your AIA Instance Name and try to do it manually.

Next step is to give the Weblogic users the required  AIA roles / groups. Go the Weblogic console and in the myrealm security realms you can add some users and add them to a AIA Role like AIALifecycleUser, AIALifecycleDeveloper and AIAApplicationUser ( CAVS)

Open a browser and go to http://XXXX:7001/AIA/faces/aiaHomeLogin.jspx [11] to see if eveything is working, In PS3 even the setup page is working.


The last step is to configure JDeveloper 11g PS3, Go to the JDeveloper update screen and select the AIA Service Constructor.


And add the aia.jar to the SOA part of the JDeveloper preferences window, located in jdeveloper/lib folder.


That’s all