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Devoxx talk about HTML5 – Nathaniel Schutta

by Jos Nieuwenhuis on November 19, 2010 · 0 comments

HTML was never really designed to do what it is doing: Applications. HTML5 is going to change that. HTML5 is a collection of features  which will enable us to build applications.

It seems that Adobe Flash will disappear. Applications like YouTube are moving away from flash video.

With HTML5, instead of trying to figure out which browser is being used, feature detection should be used. Modernizr can be used to do this. If you would like to check the HTML5 features of your current browser you can use the website

In HTML5 there will be many input new types: for phone numbers, search, date pickers, etcetera. These input provides functionality like form validation of the input. If the browser does not support the input type the input type will be defaulted to “text”.

We have been abusing cookies for a long time. HTML5 offers offline support. The web application is able to cache the data. This is a huge step forward. Other great features of HTML5: multithreaded Javascript support in the background using Web Workers; gradient support, video. Video is not a plugin, but part of the page, so it is possible to style, spin, and drop shadows.

HTML5 resources:

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