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Devoxx talk about Apache Camel – Claus Ibsen

by Jos Nieuwenhuis on November 19, 2010 · 0 comments

Apache Camel is an open source integration framework that implemented the patterns which are mentioned in the book Enterprise Integration Patterns. Some many people say this book is the bible in the integration space. According to Claus Ibsen the Camel framework lets you focus on the business problem. Source code can be written in such a way that everybody (‘even your boss’) can read and understand it. Example code:


Apache Camel has no container dependency and is payload agnostic. Camel is just a library. You do not need to use Spring in order to use Camel. It provides a Developer Web Console in which you can edit Routes. Soon a visual tool called FuseSource Rider will be available. Other features include a fully asynchronous non-blocking routing engine, which facilitates high scalability.

Camel offers a few ways of error handling: ErrorHandlers like the DeadLetterChannelErrorHandler or using the doTry and doCatch methods:

        .process(new ProcessorFail())

A great article on Camel:

Quick Reference card of Camel:

Claus Ibsen’s blog:

In December 2010 Manning will release the book Camel in Action, written by Claus Ibsen.

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