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Devoxx talk about Java SE – Mark Reinhold

by Jos Nieuwenhuis on November 18, 2010 · 0 comments

According to Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect Java Platform, Java 7 will ship in 2011 and Java 8 will ship in 2012. Both releases will  be big releases with major changes. In Java 7 for example project Coin will be included. Java 8 will have the jRocket Mission Control and features from projects JigSaw and Lambda.

Java 7 and 8 release plan B

JSR 336: JavaTM SE 7 Release Contents

JSR 337: JavaTM SE 8 Release Contents

When evolving the Java language there is one big focus: simplicity matters. Reading is more important than writing. We want Java to be still around in 2030. Oracle is funding all of the Java changes because it is in their best interest. Oracle depends on Java. Many of its products use Java.

Mark Reinhold’s blog:

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