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Exalogic: the private cloud

by Douwe Pieter van den Bos on September 21, 2010 · 2 comments

The past two years of Oracle OpenWorld all where about one thing: Exadata. The Database machine of the Oracle corporation. In 2008 together with HP and in 2009 together with the (then) recently acquired Sun Microsystems. It was all about performing large database and data-warehouses. But what happened to the middle tier? It is addressed in 2010. Exalogic is here.

At his keynote session, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison showed us the most recent hardware machine combining the force of both Oracle software and (now Oracle) Sun hardware. The machine is specifically designed to host applications and function as a private cloud.

Because the Exalogic ‘elastic cloud’ machine is build upon Oracle’s virtualization software, it combines the possibilities for creating your own cloud computing instance, within your firewall. Exalogic offers the possibility to upgrade or patch all running virtual machines on it with one single file.

The new Exalogic, beside being pretty impressive machine, really has the potential of bringing the cloud to the enterprise. Most enterprises probably don’t want their data in ‘unknown’ data centers. But they do want the flexibility offered by the cloud. Off course other virtualization products offer that, but now Oracle has it all, in one package.

Especially the combination of the hardware, the virtualization software and the Coherence software really (could) make it happen.

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