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[Oracle APEX 4.0] Create Multiple Users

by Peter van der Neut on June 29, 2010 · 1 comment

My first post on my own APEX 4.0 installation and it’s about user maintenance. New in APEX 4.0 is an option called “Create Multiple Users”. It’s located in the task lists in the Administration section of the Application Builder.

When the option is selection you’re presented with a screen where you provide the details of the new users.

The user creation is based on a list of email addresses, seperated by either a comma, semicolon or a new line. Here you also specify if the username should be the full email address or just the part before the @domain. Next you provide the account privileges, in this case we create developers with access to all the builder components except administration. You also need to provide a password for all users, this is the default password that each user has to change after login. When you’re finished with these settings, click Next and the next screen shows.

It gives an overview of the creation and what users are valid and what users are not. In this example there is an error for user developer6, because his email address is not valid. We ignore this error and create the five other users. Now we navigate to the user maintaince and it shows the created users.

This option is a real time saver when creating multiple users!

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naushad June 3, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Thank you, it was very helpful. Can this also be done via apex_util.create_user?



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