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Oracle announces AIA 11gR1 … finally!

by Jos Nieuwenhuis on April 19, 2010 · 1 comment

The long awaited upgrade of Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture (AIA) is finally coming! Oracle AIA provides a standards-based approach for organizations to integrate cross-application business processes. Many customers have waited for the new release. The most obvious upgrade is the application server: Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) instead of Oracle Application Server (OC4J). WLS is a major improvement over OC4J: more stable, better high availability.

Other advantages include improved tooling:

  • EBO Designer:
    Enterprise Business Objects are the canonical data objects of AIA. In the 2.x release of AIA these objects are defined by XML Schema Documents (XSD). Changes to the EBOs needed to be done through XML editing tooling. The new release will have a visual editing tool which will store object definitions in a database. From the database the XSDs can be generated.
  • Service constructor:
    In AIA 2.x services could be generated using the AIA Artifact Generator. In AIA 11gR1 the creation of new services are automated for developers through wizards and templates.
  • MDS repository for metadata resources:
    In AIA 2.x has different ways of storing XREF, DVM, WSDL, and XSD. In 11gR1 these resources will be accessible in a central repository.
  • Product Lifecycle Workbench:
    This tool has no equivalent in AIA 2.x. The Product Lifecycle Workbench is supposed to facilitate functional experts’ process definition, decomposition, and service reuse during the functional analysis phase of a development lifecycle.
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