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Manage services on a Microsoft system with ‘sc’

by Ytzen Fokkema on March 30, 2010 · 0 comments

Most people don’t know Microsoft has a utility to manage your services – sc.

I give two examples that might be useful for you:

Example 1: deletion of a service, Oracle installs sometimes services you don’t want or need:

C:\>sc delete
Deletes a service entry from the registry.
If the service is running, or another process has an
open handle to the service, the service is simply marked
for deletion.
sc <server> delete [service name]
C:\>sc delete Oracledb10iSQL*Plus
[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS

Example 2: adding or changing the description of a service to make it selfexplaining

C:\>sc description
Sets the description string for a service.
sc <server> description [service name] [description]
C:\>sc description OracleDBConsoleocp10g "OEM DBconsole produktie"
[SC] ChangeServiceConfig2 SUCCESS

Do you want to know more, look here

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