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[Oracle APEX 4.0] Quick Picks

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Quick Picks are links that are displayed below an item. Clicking a Quick Pick populates the item with a certain value. Application Express has these Quick Picks for a lot of items in the application builder, for instance for the item type of a page item.


Now in Application Express 4.0 you can easily define your own Quick Picks for items. When editing a page item there is a Quick Picks section where you can enter up to 10 Quick Picks.


In this example Quick Picks are defined for a text field that will store a favourite car. Three Quick Picks are defined with the same label and value. The label is the text that is used for the Quick Pick link, the value is used to populate the page item. Running the page shows how the Quick Picks display.


As you can see Quick Picks offer an easy way of providing the user with a quick selection of item values.