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JSF 2.0

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In my report on JFall 2009 [2] I already wrote about JSF 2.0. I wanted to make an extensive posting about new features in JSF 2.0, but then I came across this excellent posting of July last year: What’s New in JSF 2? [3] by Andy Schwartz of Oracle. I won’t rehash this and many other excellent postings on jsf – I’ll just shortly write what’s great about JSF 2.0, in comparison to JSF 1.2.

In short, main new feature of JSF 2.0 is standardization a frameworks that extended JSF 1.2:

More shortly: JSF is a standardization for webframeworks. Many webframeworks and -libraries are or are becoming JSF 2.0 compatible, such as Richfaces [9], ZK [10], Icefaces [11],even Flex [12] (Flash) and of course Oracle’s ADF [13].
This standardization not only means these frameworks can work together, more important is that a developer who has experience in developing for one framework, can reuse his knowledge when he starts developing with another framework. This can greatly shorten the many months needed to learn yet another web-framework.