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[Oracle APEX 4.0] Clean up sequence numbers

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Once in a while my sequence numbers for items on a page end up being consecutive. Adding an item after that means editing the items and changing the sequence number, not a very pleasant job. Like in the following situation:

If I want to add an item between P7_CUST_LAST_NAME and P7_CUST_STREET_ADDRESS1, I have to edit the sequence of both P7_CUST_STREET_ADDRESS1 and P7_CUST_STREET_ADDRESS2 before I can add this new item.

APEX 4.0 has a nice new feature to clean up those sequence numbers. It’s under the Utilities option on top of the page.

When running this cleanup, a confirmation page is shown.

After running this sequence clean up, we get the following result for our items on the page:

As you can see the sequence numbers have been cleaned up with increments of 10! This example shows the clean up for items on a page, but this feature cleans up all page components (regions, buttons and processes etc.).