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[Oracle APEX 4.0] Team Development

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There is, and deservedly, a lot to do about the next version of Oracle Application Express. APEX 4.0 is very much the way to take RAD development on the Oracle Database platform into the new decade and rightfully APEX is getting more and more popular. The thing I personally really start to like, while playing with the early adopters release of APEX 4.0, is the brand new ‘Team Development’ part of the APEX developers front-end.

It is now a while back that APEX development was merely for the small and not so critical applications, to be used by only a few people in an organization and developed by a hand full of developers who tended to know what they where doing. Nowadays APEX development has taken a leap. Very large, business critical web applications are being developed in this great Oracle tool. Smart guy’s who know the business work together with large teams of web developers and the development team consists of database specialists, user experience designers, PL/SQL code jammers, JavaScript editors and more and more and more.

These large teams need to be addressed when developing in Oracle Application Express, or any other tooling for that matter. The new version of APEX, 4.0, seems to do a better job at it. With the possibility for project managers, team leads and developers to edit and assign features, milestones, to dos, bugs and feedback into releases of any APEX application, this is done. Especially the potential benefits with the tools for release management, and therefore a great SCRUM approach to APEX projects, are to be considered.

It seems that APEX will become a great all in one project tool for delivering web applications.