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2009: a great year for APEX lovers

by Douwe Pieter van den Bos on December 31, 2009 · 1 comment

It’s the 31st of December. This means, like with lot’s of other blogs and news sites, we look back on what came in the past year. And for us, APEX lovers (or: the pushing force behind Oracle Application Express development), it has been a great year.

In the beginning of this year Oracle Forms to APEX conversion became the talk of the town, or better, the Oracle Application Express world. De APEX development team got a lot of work done on the conversion engine and a book was written. My book got published in august this year and has got some great reviews. It has been an exciting time to be in the progress of writing and a lot of exiting things were done in the field of conversion.

But APEX, release 3.2, gave us more than just the Forms Converter. It gave us the possibility to do more with caching and the session state. Protecting the developed app got better and easier and APEX became more and more popular.

In the different media around Oracle products APEX was one of the new discoveries. More exposure in the media and a lot of sessions on seminars and conferences.

A few weeks ago something else big came into place: the early adopters release of APEX version 4.0. This new release will take APEX into the new decade. Oracle Application Express gets more and more mature and new features gives both the developers and the end users much needed functionality. This means that projects gets more productive and end users will accept APEX applications even faster.

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