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Strategy weekend part 2 – Saturday

by Thomas Drevers on October 15, 2009 · 0 comments

Last friday and saturday most of the Whitehorses employees met at the beautifull city of Nijmegen for some discussion about company strategy and for some social activity.

The saturday started with an early breakfast with a lot of  tired faces. After finishing the breakfast we went to the conference room where we were surprised with an improvisation course. The dutch readers will remember it from the Lama’s. First we spend half an hour or so trying to stop analyzing everything and react to the moment, which was quite difficult for some.

After this warming up session the group was split into two parts. The group I went with spent some time on using emotions to change situations completely. This made for an excellent spectacle with combinations like ordering a beer combined with fear, and buying a necklace for your girlfriend combined with anger.

Secondly we did a session of cluedo, where three people get send out, and a fourth recieves a murderer (the baker), a location (the parking garage) and a murder weapon (an icecream). Then the first person comes in and the fourth tries to tell the other what the murderer, location and weapon are without talking. The first then does the same with the second, and then the third. As the intention of something gets lost easily this makes some interesting shows. In this case the baker became a cook (pretty close though), the parking garage became the mc-donalds drive-in and the icecream stayed an icecream.

Finally the two groups came together again and could show their improvisations to the other groups which was a lot of fun and laughs. After a well-deserved lunch the strategy weekend was finished and everyone went home.

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