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Strategy weekend part 1 – Friday

by Thomas Drevers on October 15, 2009 · 0 comments

Friday, September 9, 2009, was the first day of the Whitehorses strategy weekend.

We started off with a nice continental breakfast at the Belvoir hotel in the city of Nijmegen. Coming from different parts of the Netherlands most of us had to get up early in the morning in order to reach the vicinity on time. After breakfast everybody slowly poured into the conference room where the official kickoff of the weekend would take place. It was good to hear from our CEO John, that Whitehorses has been doing well  over the first quarters of 2009, in spite of the prevailing financial crisis.

After John’s intro it was up to Frank to introduce the framework of the chosen strategy. The strategy is, essentially, to not only concentrate on expanding the visibility of Whitehorses as a company (e.g. through our renewed and improved website) but of our professionals as well. Therefore, Whitehorses encourages its professionals to make use of the available media to show their knowledge as leading experts in java and oracle development and areas such as Lean and Agile / SCRUM (e.g. through blogs, articles, and social networks). This will not only improve visibility but will also add to the fun factor of working for Whitehorses as a human enterprise.

We also got a taste of the soon to be launched One Month Project (OMP). Jos and Marco introduced the concept and they expect to be able to serve customers from the first of December.

After closing this morning session we enjoyed lunch at the hotel and then went on our way to explore Nijmegen through a game called city golf. City golf can best be described as mobile miniature golf where each group takes along a cart with golfclubs and building blocks for setting up a playfield at different locations within the city . The weather was great and after 2 hours of disturbing the locals we returned to our hotel for a quick shower and some good food.

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